25 07 2010

A few nice Legacy shots, mostly from minkara. Check it!


Random Steeze

19 07 2010

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Friday Randoms – auto

18 06 2010

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Living the dream

16 06 2010

Well, another weekend has flown by. Busy busy, but good fun!

Saturday started with an early rise, and road trippin’ to Berri with Renee to see her family. Good times!

Maurice came along for the ride!

Berri was pretty cool. Relaxed atmosphere! Weather had warmed (slightly!) by then too. Copped a bag of Jelly Belly rejects – they may have been slightly different shapes but they tasted just as good!

Upon arrival in town, the traditional Sat night dinner with Insane Shane took place, then CUSHDY!

After that, some Test Drive Unlimited and chillin’ to finish the weekend. Melb is all booked now too so the days are being counted to that – looking forward to a rest, some shopping and chill time!


11 06 2010

Well, another weekend! Happy days. Not working this Saturday, so I have three days off! Lots to do, most likely including a bit of:

(Not necessarily in that order)

On another weekend note, let’s hope Webber gets up this weekend, and keeps on towards the WDC!

Retro Maurice

9 06 2010

Classic F1 (1.0)

9 06 2010

Classic duel, Gilles is one of my favourite drivers

Hunt the Shunt – more characters like this are needed in modern motorsport

Commentary while on the run – good effort from JYS!